Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a showroom?

Yes we do! Our address is 19045 State Hwy 305 NE, Ste 120, Poulsbo, WA 98370 We are located in the lower level of the Plaza 305 building next to the Department of Licensing.

Why do some of the necklaces look crooked?

When a strand is newly strung, the knots are tight and have a crooked look to them. As you wear them, they will loosen and lay perfectly on your neck line.

Can I have jewelry custom made?

Yes! With Countersketch and other programs, we can create anything your heart desires!

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes we do! Please stop by our office and pick up your gift card!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do! Let us know if you are in active miliatry or a first responder for 10% off all jewelry (excluding diamonds and services).

How do I order a Contemporary metal ring?

The easiest way is to stop by our office and let us know what you would like to order. We will make sure your style and ring size are correct and place the order for you. If the ring is in stock, it take approximately 3 days to arrive in our office.

How do I order the Rembrandt Charms?

Give us a call! We work with Rembrandt to have the style, quality and color of metal along with any engraving created for you!

How long does it take to create custom jewelry?

Time to create jewelry depends on the type and complexity of what we are creating. You should allow between 3-8 weeks after the design has been approved by you for your masterpiece to be created.

Are all your jade bangles genuine?

Yes they are! We have two types, A and B jade B jade is genuine but have been enhanced with either dyes or polymers. A jade has been tested and certified to not contain any dyes or polymers and come with a certification from the lab.

Do you offer extended warranties?

Yes we do. All brand new jewelry can be covered by our extended warranty to cover ring sizing, stone replacement, wear and tear and so much more!